Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Game Is ON!

UVa is buzzing! They decided to not cancel today's basketball game at noon against Wake Forest. While they are discouraging folks from driving to the game, UVa is asking any student, faculty or staff within walking distance to come to the game--for free! And they are also letting anyone with a UVa ID to bring in 3 guests for free.

As it turns out, the definition of "within walking distance" is up for debate. Apparently Andrew believes it includes our home...which according to Google maps is a 1-hour walk from the John Paul Jones arena WITHOUT snow! Ha!

Before Andrew left for his epic walk to show his dedication to his team, we wanted a family photo showing off all of our UVa apparel. In order to do so, we had to wake up Henry from his nap for our photo shoot. As usual, he was a good sport!

The boys with their caps on:

The boys with their matching haircuts (H was a little sleepy in this one):

Sending Andrew on his way! He took some snacks, a couple bottles of water, and dry socks to wear once he makes it to the game.

Mom took pictures of me taking pictures:

Andrew was rewarded for his efforts. Our neighbor offered him her tickets for the game, which were for some seriously good seats. Andrew made it safely to the game with plenty of time to spare to dry off and warm up before it begins.

Now let's all cheer on those Wahoos!!


  1. The walking-through-two-feet-of-snow trip there must have taken a long time. The trip back must have taken an even longer time. (Hang-dog faces are heavier.) You showed 'em your spirit, son! That's what counts! ;-)