Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Father Abraham

When I had Henry on the changing table this morning, he was just a-moving his arms and legs. He's certainly done this before. But for some reason, this time it triggered the childhood song "Father Abraham." Henry was rocking that song out! Remember it:

Father Abraham had seven sons
And seven sons had Father Abraham
And they never laughed
And they never cried
All they did was go like this:
Right arm!
Left arm!
Right leg!
Left leg!

So this has now turned into our diaper changing tune...until another song from my childhood pops into my head. (It's amazing how that happens!)

There's a video of him wiggling. And I just had to include some of these pictures. Tell me that smile doesn't just completely melt your heart!


  1. he's so adorable!! what a cutiepie. and you are such a good mother, audrey! it warms my heart to hear you talking to your baby boy. i remember laughing with you and the girls in that big basement dorm room so many years ago, and look at us now! mommies!!
    love ya!

  2. He's such a great mixture of you and Andrew! What a handsome boy!

  3. This little big guy is gonna get arrested for being criminally cute. He looks so happily intelligent, observant! It's like he gets the joke and we're clueless. Such a dude!

  4. Oh, the weather outside is frightful.
    But Henry's sooo delightful! ;-)