Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Lord's Prayer

I rarely post something like this. But my mom forwarded this to me and it is just extraordinary. With American Idol on pause, I'm reminded how music is such a holy gift.

Thanks, Mom. I love you!

Caught on Camera!

Here ya go! We finally got Henry's rolling on video. It's a little shaky (heads up, mom!) when I try to film a second roll. He does them so quickly.


Monday, February 22, 2010


It is true! They grow and change SO FAST.

In addition to Henry's rolling over, we enjoyed another milestone last night. Henry laughed twice while we were getting him ready for bed last night. Oh what a sweet, sweet sound! I can't imagine anything sweeter. He is such a joy in every way. We are having a blast. And it is good to know that he's having a pretty good time, too!

Here are a couple of recent pictures.

And yes, we are trying our hardest to get a video of him rolling over (and we'll now add his laugh to the list of things we're trying to capture). Here's what I call a rollover fail video. We have about 6 or 7 of these. One day, we'll catch him rolling over. Stay tuned!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

IT'S A BOY!!!!


I got THE call from Greg on Thursday morning, around 11:30am. (Can you believe I've had the self-control to wait until now to post this??? Of course, they needed time to share the news themselves!) Greg called when they were leaving the doctor's office. Since this was #4 and probably the last, Krista wanted to do things differently. They didn't find out the gender of Kesiah, Addie or Gwen during their pregnancies; they'd always waited until their miraculous arrivals.

And wouldn't you know, IT'S A BOY!!! After three precious girls, Greg and Krista will get their first baby boy and baby Henry will have a boy cousin and lifelong playmate who is only 7 months younger than him!

The most important part of this news, however, is that the "Dodson" name will live on. By the time Greg called me, he had already talked to our grandfather, the patriarch. After having 4 sons, who would have thought that my grandfather would have only this one last chance. Needless to say, he is over the moon that a boy Dodson is finally coming!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Henry's Well Visit

Today was Henry's 2-month well visit at the doctors office. He was SUCH a trooper. Daddy and I had a pretty tough go of it, though.

But before we get into that part, here are the statistics:
23 and 3/8 inches long: 75 percentile
13 lb, 14 oz: 95 percentile

Henry's just a growing!

His physical exam was perfect. The doctor was testing some of the things he should be doing physically. So she put him on his tummy. He should be holding his head up while on his tummy--which, of course, he does remarkably well. Then she mentioned how he should be rolling over onto his back by about 4 months. It was as if he heard her and said, "oh yeah, watch this."

Just on cue the little guy rolled over all by himself!!! It was so adorable. We all cheered and Henry looked up at us with a big old grin on his face. It was priceless. He reminded me of his biggest cousin, Kesiah--choosing to make milestones with an audience (Kesiah walked on her first birthday in front of all of the guests at her birthday party!).

Then it was vaccine time. The doctor left and the nurse came in. She had one oral vaccine and three shots to give. He took the oral vaccine with no problem whatsoever. He didn't spit one bit back out. Then she gave him all 3 shots incredibly quickly. And it wasn't pretty.

For the first time, we really heard him wail. As Andrew said, if this cry was a 10, I think we'd only heard a 2 or a 3 up until then. It was the kind of cry when you can't catch your breath. The nurse left pretty quickly to give Andrew and I time to calm him down.

And to answer the question I'm sure you're all asking--yes, we both cried. It just broke our hearts.

Eventually, with mommy holding him close, he calmed down. He nursed a little and then let us change his diaper and put his clothes back on without a peep. What a trooper! (Mommy and Daddy eventually recovered, too.)

Needless to say, Henry's gonna get some extra attention today!

PS--In keeping with his amazing demeanor, Henry just woke up from his nap all smiles and kicks! I guess he's officially back to his old self!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Henry's First Basketball Game

Last night, Henry attended his first UVa basketball game at JPJ (no hiking through the snow needed!). He was such a trooper! The lights and noise were so much fun for him. And, of course, all sorts of folks stopped, pointed, or made sweet comments about the little man all decked out in UVa garb. It was also great to see Aunt Krista and Uncle Greg. It's hard to believe Krista is already half-way through her pregnancy. Baby Dodson #4 is on his or her way!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Having some fun

Enjoy the new look. I thought it was time to shake things up a bit.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Birthday Gift

Being a mom brings a new perspective on everything. I know this. But every once in a while I am caught off guard and surprised. This happened when Andrew gave me my birthday gift on Friday. He is usually incredibly thoughtful with his gifts. So, I knew it would be something special. But I wasn't prepared for this:

I'm sure you can tell that it's a beautiful 'H' pendant necklace. But what you can't see is that Andrew had 12-15-09 engraved on it. It is one of the most dear things I've ever seen. I want it hanging over my heart always. What a wonderful item to have with me all day long when I return to work! A part of Henry with me always.

Thank you, darling Andrew.

Virginia Beach

We've enjoyed a wonderful visit to Virginia Beach to celebrate my birthday and Valentine's Day. Henry has been doted on and passed around all weekend. He met his cousins Stephanie and Samantha. At church this morning, Henry met all kinds of people. We were trying to get down the hall to find Mom and Miss Diann and almost didn't make it. One by one people stopped us to take a peek at the beautiful Henry. He did get to meet the Vaughans, the Fosters and the Glasses. Today, Greatest Aunt Sandy and Scott came over for lunch and some more birthday cake! Unfortunately, Mema (MY Mema) has been under the weather. So Henry didn't get to see his great-grandparents this weekend.

Henry is enjoying the crib, changing table and many of the toys that each of the girls have enjoyed. Henry is grandbaby #4 to sleep and nap in the crib. Most likely, he'll only enjoy it a couple more times because Baby Dodson #4 is on his or her way and will move into the crib in the summer. I can't WAIT to see how we're all going to fit in the house at the same time: 7 adults and 5 kids!!!

The snowbaby trend continues. When we woke up on Saturday morning--let me remind you, we are in VIRGINIA BEACH--it was snowing and continued to snow all day. We were looking forward to showing Henry what grass looks like. I guess we'll have to wait some more!

It has been a real thrill for me to have Henry with me in the house I grew up in. It is a little surreal to have my baby with me in "my room." How fun! I keep telling him about momma's room and Uncle Greg's room.
Our first overnight trip away with Henry has been wonderful. We'll need to work a little on becoming more efficient packers. Our trunk was completely full when we got here and my mom has almost everything we need--diapers, wipes, pjs, washcloths and towels. I'm not sure what we packed. But it was our first time and I was a bit nervous. Hopefully we'll get better before we fly to Texas. Otherwise, our luggage is going to cost more than our plane tickets!
Hope everyone is having a Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Birthday Gift

Just when you thought Henry couldnt be any more wonderful, he gave his mommy the greatest birthday gift: 8 hours straight of sleep! Of course Andrew and I were pretty nervous and didn't really sleep the whole time. "Do you think he's okay?" "Have you heard him make any noise?" "Will you go check on him?" Ha! He was perfectly fine and just sleeping a really good sleep. I'm sure, just as we did with everything else, we'll get use to him sleeping longer and actually sleep along with him.

Thank you, little man!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekend Recap

For the east coast, the snow has perhaps been a bigger story this weekend than the Super Bowl. We certainly got wollopped (as in hog-wollopped). Our measuring tape wouldn't make it through the frozen snow this morning. But we're guessing somewhere around 17 or so inches fell. And that's on top of the 8 or so that fell last Saturday. Thankfully, we didn't lose power. Here are some pics of the view from our back deck:

We were able to get out of the house for a walk today (thank goodness!). The plow folks did an excellent job and the streets were clear enough to push the stroller. On our walk, we discovered this snow family made by one of our neighbors. In case you can't tell, the daddy snow man is about 8' tall. It was HUGE! And we couldn't help take a picture because it reminded us of our new family--the snowmommy is holding a tiny snowbaby.

Here's the little man all bundled up for the walk:

Unfortunately, UVa lost the basketball game yesterday. But here we are watching it while daddy enjoyed it in person.

Here Henry was learning to sing "The Good Ole Song."

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Game Is ON!

UVa is buzzing! They decided to not cancel today's basketball game at noon against Wake Forest. While they are discouraging folks from driving to the game, UVa is asking any student, faculty or staff within walking distance to come to the game--for free! And they are also letting anyone with a UVa ID to bring in 3 guests for free.

As it turns out, the definition of "within walking distance" is up for debate. Apparently Andrew believes it includes our home...which according to Google maps is a 1-hour walk from the John Paul Jones arena WITHOUT snow! Ha!

Before Andrew left for his epic walk to show his dedication to his team, we wanted a family photo showing off all of our UVa apparel. In order to do so, we had to wake up Henry from his nap for our photo shoot. As usual, he was a good sport!

The boys with their caps on:

The boys with their matching haircuts (H was a little sleepy in this one):

Sending Andrew on his way! He took some snacks, a couple bottles of water, and dry socks to wear once he makes it to the game.

Mom took pictures of me taking pictures:

Andrew was rewarded for his efforts. Our neighbor offered him her tickets for the game, which were for some seriously good seats. Andrew made it safely to the game with plenty of time to spare to dry off and warm up before it begins.

Now let's all cheer on those Wahoos!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


This morning, the forecast for tomorrow's storm was 12-18". Now they are calling for 20-28". It is going to be a doozy! Thankfully, we've had enough time to prepare.

I took Henry with me to the grocery store all by myself for our first big shop. I strapped him into the bjorn and we trotted up and down the rows, slowly but surely. As you can imagine, Henry garnered quite a bit of attention. I got a sweet comment from a mom shopping with her teenage daughter; she was remembering when she had her daughter strapped to her marching through the grocery store. She was sweet to remind me to enjoy every minute when they're small.

Andrew reminded me that we might lose power, too. So, I've stocked up on candles and our dear friend Tish brought over two lanterns.

The BEST way we're preparing is that I've made a special order for Mema to come visit! FINALLY my mom is on her way. She was snowed out of coming early this week and was supposed to come back this weekend. Thankfully, she had a schedule change and was able to make the trip up just before the storm.
The table of candles and lanterns. And yes, that is the unity candle from our wedding. Hey--let's put it to good use! Ha.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Father Abraham

When I had Henry on the changing table this morning, he was just a-moving his arms and legs. He's certainly done this before. But for some reason, this time it triggered the childhood song "Father Abraham." Henry was rocking that song out! Remember it:

Father Abraham had seven sons
And seven sons had Father Abraham
And they never laughed
And they never cried
All they did was go like this:
Right arm!
Left arm!
Right leg!
Left leg!

So this has now turned into our diaper changing tune...until another song from my childhood pops into my head. (It's amazing how that happens!)

There's a video of him wiggling. And I just had to include some of these pictures. Tell me that smile doesn't just completely melt your heart!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Henry truly IS the snow baby

I really believe Henry is a true snow baby.

I was 39 weeks and 3 days pregnant when our first snow storm of the season hit. It was the most beautiful day. Our neighborhood looked like a little village all dusted in snow--a true winter wonderland!

Henry was 3.5 days old when the blizzard of 2009 hit: over 24 inches. Thankfully, we made it home from the hospital just in time to stay all cozy at home before the storm. We did have to leave the house before we wanted to in order to get Henry to his first pediatrician's appointment. But we made it.

This past weekend, was our third snowstorm of the winter. A full 8.5 inches fell again.

NOW the forecast is calling for another 2 inches on Tuesday night and another 7+ inches of snow on Saturday. Holy cow! And we've got another month and half to go of winter.

Henry is the snow baby. Seriously!