Thursday, January 21, 2010

Smiles for Momma

I've been trying to remember to have Andrew take some pictures of me with Henry. Because I'm with him all day, I almost always hand him off to Andrew as soon as he gets home from work...Andrew that is. Not Henry. Anyway, Andrew was sweet enough to remember tonight and snapped some sweet moments between Henry and me:

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  1. I tried, a week or so ago, to respond here to an earlier set of pictures, but the "system" was having none of me (signing in). Anyway, I think I said things like: "Henry could charm a handkerchief out of a silkworm" and "Andrew, when you bathe him use a clothespin to keep from getting showered (Ouch! Not really)."

    The pictures and text just get better and better and better. Judy must be walking on a cloud. I shared earlier (pre-12-pounds) pictures with many of the 9th-grade teachers. They oohed and aahed (as everyone is supposed to do). But I hear a lot of "REALLY, no REALLY, REALLY cute!"s. So I think Henry has captured many educators' hearts. Let's hope that continues in the years to come!

    I can't wait to meet him, too. I'll probably show up at Spring Break (mid-March), details to come. Judy tells me Henry's even cuter in person.