Monday, January 25, 2010

Henry's Blessing

Last night, our Henry was dedicated to the Lord at All Souls. What an amazingly beautiful and holy ceremony. It was so special to have Grandmommy (Judy), Mema (Linda), Baba (David), Uncle-Uncle Elly, Greatest Aunt Sandy, Uncle Greg, Aunt Krista, Kesiah, Addie & Gwen there to support us. Pictures will be coming. But here is the blessing that Andrew prayed over our angel during the service:


As we come to You to ask your blessing on Henry David, we are so grateful for the many blessings You have already poured out on us. Henry is the most wonderful gift and we thank You so much for the honor of being his Mom and Dad. We thank You for the love of his extended family, many of whom are here tonight to share this precious moment with us. And we thank You for this new family, All Souls Charlottesville, a community of your people who have, collectively and individually, been shining examples of both heavenly grace and earthly hospitality.

We ask, Lord, that You bless this new life. We pray that You will, even now, create a yearning in his heart for You that is met and renewed, every day.

We pray, Lord, that You bless his heart. May he love and be loved with a compassion that comes from You. May he turn to You in times of heartache and not forget You in times of joy.

We ask, Lord, that you bless his mind. Minimize the distance between You and he, when temptations present themselves, by reminding him of Your infinite and unwavering goodness.

We pray, Lord, that you bless his body. May he remember that it is your temple and may it be nourished, healthy, and whole.

Lord, be his shepherd, his beacon, his grace, his salvation.

We ask these things in Jesus' name.


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  1. What a beautiful and meaningful prayer! Isn't that what we want for all our children?!