Sunday, January 17, 2010

Henry is here.

Of course you know this! We've been calling, emailing and facebooking for weeks now. But I figured it is high time to blog.

Henry arrived in the wee hours of the morning on December 15, 12:56 am exactly. After a day of labor and 2.5 hours of pushing, Henry was delivered via c-section by my FAVORITE doctor, Ann Carr. She was wonderful and the surgery was incredibly smooth. As a result, my recovery has gone very well.

That makes Henry 1 month and 2 days old. It is so hard to believe he's that old already. And boy is he getting big. We aren't due for another doctor's appointment for him until February 19. But I might have to sneak into the office sometime before then and have him weighed. I'm anxious to know how big he is!

I don't want to jinx anything, but Henry has been the easiest baby I could ever imagine. He has never gotten upset to the point where he couldn't easily be soothed. And when he does get "upset" it's more like a few grunts and a squeal. He almost never cries. In fact, when he was about 3 weeks old, Andrew looked at me and asked, "Should we be worried that he hasn't really cried yet?" He eats like a champ, sleeps in his crib with no problem--in fact, he happily goes down before even being asleep as long as he has his pacifier (oh and isn't picky about which pacifier in the least bit!)--loves his bath time, has never cried once during tummy time, and is just the happiest baby. His favorite place in the house, as discovered by Mema, is his changing table. After he's finished eating, he gets a diaper change and then is happy to just hang on the changing table, cooing, smiling, singing, talking. He just loves it. Aunt Krista must have put a magic spell on that table when she bought it...or Uncle Greg and Krista put in some happy dust when they put it together.

You all have seen almost all of the photos we've taken so far. So I won't paste any here. But moving forward I will. I'm looking forward to getting back to blogging and sharing the amazing moments with our angel boy.

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  1. I'm so glad you've had such an easy baby (well, when you get right down to it, is any baby 'easy'?). I prayed (and prayed and prayed) that both of our girls would be good sleepers, and we're so thankful that they were/are.