Thursday, September 10, 2009

Not wetwall. Drywall.

Finally, some new pictures. The crew put all of the drywall up on Saturday. It's hard to take interesting shots of drywall, but this will kinda give you the idea..

The kitchen. The closet-looking thing is actually called a "pantry," which, I've learned, is not a place one puts one's pants.

The dinette area. We'll have an island separating kitchen from dining room.

Deck doors.

The basement. That wall looks to be about the size of a giant flat-screen tv. Just sayin'.

Soaking tub comes with nice view.

This is the view from the baby's room.

A piece of the master bedroom. Notice the tray ceiling. That's right, our ceiling will look like a tray.
Here is the view from our bedroom window. Nice.

The door from the garage to the main hallway. The entire inside of the house pretty much looks like this.

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  1. It's great to see, know, that both construction projects are doing just fine! 6.5 months down, 2.5 to go -- and, possibly, 1.5 months to go for the house (it's 09/14 as I write this). You go, guys!


    Mom 'n' Dad