Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Doc Appointment: "You're doing GREAT!"

Ha. Our nurse cracked me up today. She just kept saying, "You're doing Great!" My weight elicited a "this is great!" My blood pressure was "you're doing great!" Yay! I guess that's GREAT! That's funny.

So, all is well on the mommy-baby front. My weight is right-on, my bp is nice and low, I thought Baby Breen was going to kick off the heart monitor. He/she was moving around so much. It took the doc about a half of a second to find Baby Breen's heartbeat. It was right there and strong as can be.

Afterwards I went down to the lab for my glucose test. I drank some fruit punch stuff and then sat for an hour before they took my blood. The results will be back tomorrow and the technician said, "No news is good news." This test is to see if I have gestational diabetes (GD). If this test comes back questionable, I'll take a 3 hour test next before the confirm if I really have GD. I'm praying that this test comes back perfectly and I can scratch this from my list of worries.

We also have someone coming over tonight to check out the apartment. So, say a prayer that she's interested. That would be a HUGE burden lifted if we could find a renter.

I think that's it for now. The house has been drywalled and looks amazing. We'll take some pictures and post them shortly.

Love you all!!

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