Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Who's Keeping Up?

I wonder who's keeping up with us! Things are moving fast for the Breens.

Baby Update:
Today was a monthly check-up at the docs and we got rave reviews! Baby Breen's heartbeat was a strong and loud 150 beats per minute. I am gaining weight at a perfect rate and my blood pressure is also perfect. The next test is a one-hour glucose test to make sure my blood sugar is in line. This is totally standard and just a check for gestational diabetes.

Also, I finally spoke with the anesthesiologist this week. There is nothing we can do between now and deliver. If we have a c-section, he said to not worry at all. He's almost completely confident that they could do it without having to put me under general anesthesia. As for an epidural for a vaginal delivery, he said we'd just have to wait and see. Hopefully they can get it around the scar tissue and get it to where it needs to be. It might not be 100% effective. So, I need to get some advice from Krista, just in case I have to birth this baby drug-free! No need to worry about that yet...

And the House:
Our builder warned us to come and take pics every day this week. And sure enough, the framing is going FAST! I actually ran into Chris (our builder) when I stopped by to take today's pics and he said we could come by for a walk through by the end of next week. Crazy!

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  1. Watch it! You're being framed! Great pix of a great project. Keep 'em coming.

    Baby Breen, please, when you kick, kick outward, not at mother's spine. Good baby!