Monday, August 10, 2009

Pictures of the house.

At last, we've got pictures of the progress on the new house. It's pretty amazing to get to see this thing go up. The builder told me yesterday that the framing this week is going to happen real quick-like. Weather permitting, we might even see a roof over the place by Friday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the house is ready a few weeks before Baby Breen is ready!

First, there was some dirt. We bought the rights to this dirt and asked some fellas to build a house there. They said "ok."

Here's the entrance to the cul-de-sac (which is French for "cul of sac.") Our lot on the right. Our house will be a bit smaller than the one adjacent.

Here's the view looking out of the back of the house.

We won't have much of our own yard to speak of, but we will have the beautiful green space right out front to share with our neighbors. This is where the little fella/fellette will practice his/her spiral/curve ball.

This is a view to the back - left. We'll be a stone's throw from the Rivanna Trail, which goes entirely around the circumference of the city.

This is the view we'll have when walking out the front door.

The garage-to-be. We will be able to park one car in there. I'll give you a hint which car it will be: not the truck.

The profile view. It struck me how high we're going to feel. Pretty steep drop. I will try not to fall off of the deck when I'm shooing squirrels away.

This is what they call, in the business, the "stairs-hole." You can also see the chimney thing jutting out there.

Here's the basement, where the child and I will watch television together. 2 hours per day, maximum. Educational or football.
We're going to try to get over there for more pictures every day this week, so stay tuned..
-The Breens

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