Thursday, August 13, 2009

22 Weeks 5.75 Days

Monday evening marked 22 weeks and 5.75 days of this fabulous pregnancy. And for that time, I was soaring on the miracle of having little to no additional back pain. My use of "miracle" here is pretty literal. There were plenty of reasons my back should have hurt more and it just didn't. Until Monday evening that is.

I was hoping it was only a blip on the screen. That I'd sat on the sofa funny or hadn't slept very soundly and my back was acting up. But here it is, the end of the work day Thursday and it is still here.

This is very much expected. But nonetheless, it's a bit disappointing. Maybe it will still only hang around for a little while. I hope so.

So if you have any room in your prayers, stick one in there for my back. It would be great if I could sneak in another week or two of feeling great.

I also must tell you that even though Andrew can't fix my back, he's the greatest taker-care-of-me I could ever ask for. He ran an errand late last night and returned home with a surprise! Pat Conroy's new book South of Broad. Anything Charleston, SC makes my heart sing...and there it was...a WHOLE BOOK set in Charleston. I am completely spoiled by my beloved Andrew. He thinks of everything!

PS--Sorry we didn't get yesterday's pictures of the house up. Tonight we'll post 2 days worth!

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