Tuesday, August 25, 2009

House House House

Welcome to the Breen's!

Some wooden beams and stairs and stuff.

Spot for the TV and the fireplace. Fireplace may be changing...

Dining Room. Lots of big windows and natural light!
Looking down from the deck..

Audrey looking good on the deck, site of many future family cook-outs.

I have no idea what this stuff is, but it's very important.

Some plumbing in the 1/2 bath. A sink-to-be, we presume. These guys plumbed very well.

Soaking tub in the master bath!

We're meeting with the low-voltage electricity people tomorrow to discuss cable/phone/security systems and more. More plumbing, wiring, etc. will be going on for the next several days, and then the drywalling begins on September 5.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Bonus photo!!

Yeah, yeah. The house is coming along great, but there's an even more impressive "construction" project going on. Here's my beautiful Audrey showing off her perfect baby-belly!

Pictures of the house on 8/17

Pictures of the outside of the house might look a little...similar...for a while. I don't know if they'll put the siding on, etc. before, after, or during the work on the interior. Hopefully we'll get inside in the next week or so. Meanwhile, here are tonight's shots:

Feeling Really Good!

Hey you precious people! Thank you so much for your prayers. I had a fabulously relaxing weekend--thanks to the get-away Andrew planned. And I slept as well last night as I have in a long, long time. All of that equals to a back that feels really good this morning! Ahhhhh. I'm now taking things a day...a moment at a time. And right now I am very grateful for a back that doesn't ache. Thank you again for your prayers. They really do work!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Not bad for one week's work...

I've heard it said that a roof over one's head is one of man's basic needs. Check!

I think the construction crew gets (and deserves!) the weekend off, so no more pictures for a few days...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

All 3 floors are framed!

Here are Wednesday's pictures:

And pics from tonight! We had dinner tonight at Winn and Miska's house. It was so cool to hang out with our neighbors-to-be. After we ate, we walked down to the house and actually walked into the garage to check out the first floor. It was so exciting!

22 Weeks 5.75 Days

Monday evening marked 22 weeks and 5.75 days of this fabulous pregnancy. And for that time, I was soaring on the miracle of having little to no additional back pain. My use of "miracle" here is pretty literal. There were plenty of reasons my back should have hurt more and it just didn't. Until Monday evening that is.

I was hoping it was only a blip on the screen. That I'd sat on the sofa funny or hadn't slept very soundly and my back was acting up. But here it is, the end of the work day Thursday and it is still here.

This is very much expected. But nonetheless, it's a bit disappointing. Maybe it will still only hang around for a little while. I hope so.

So if you have any room in your prayers, stick one in there for my back. It would be great if I could sneak in another week or two of feeling great.

I also must tell you that even though Andrew can't fix my back, he's the greatest taker-care-of-me I could ever ask for. He ran an errand late last night and returned home with a surprise! Pat Conroy's new book South of Broad. Anything Charleston, SC makes my heart sing...and there it was...a WHOLE BOOK set in Charleston. I am completely spoiled by my beloved Andrew. He thinks of everything!

PS--Sorry we didn't get yesterday's pictures of the house up. Tonight we'll post 2 days worth!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Who's Keeping Up?

I wonder who's keeping up with us! Things are moving fast for the Breens.

Baby Update:
Today was a monthly check-up at the docs and we got rave reviews! Baby Breen's heartbeat was a strong and loud 150 beats per minute. I am gaining weight at a perfect rate and my blood pressure is also perfect. The next test is a one-hour glucose test to make sure my blood sugar is in line. This is totally standard and just a check for gestational diabetes.

Also, I finally spoke with the anesthesiologist this week. There is nothing we can do between now and deliver. If we have a c-section, he said to not worry at all. He's almost completely confident that they could do it without having to put me under general anesthesia. As for an epidural for a vaginal delivery, he said we'd just have to wait and see. Hopefully they can get it around the scar tissue and get it to where it needs to be. It might not be 100% effective. So, I need to get some advice from Krista, just in case I have to birth this baby drug-free! No need to worry about that yet...

And the House:
Our builder warned us to come and take pics every day this week. And sure enough, the framing is going FAST! I actually ran into Chris (our builder) when I stopped by to take today's pics and he said we could come by for a walk through by the end of next week. Crazy!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Pictures of the house.

At last, we've got pictures of the progress on the new house. It's pretty amazing to get to see this thing go up. The builder told me yesterday that the framing this week is going to happen real quick-like. Weather permitting, we might even see a roof over the place by Friday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the house is ready a few weeks before Baby Breen is ready!

First, there was some dirt. We bought the rights to this dirt and asked some fellas to build a house there. They said "ok."

Here's the entrance to the cul-de-sac (which is French for "cul of sac.") Our lot on the right. Our house will be a bit smaller than the one adjacent.

Here's the view looking out of the back of the house.

We won't have much of our own yard to speak of, but we will have the beautiful green space right out front to share with our neighbors. This is where the little fella/fellette will practice his/her spiral/curve ball.

This is a view to the back - left. We'll be a stone's throw from the Rivanna Trail, which goes entirely around the circumference of the city.

This is the view we'll have when walking out the front door.

The garage-to-be. We will be able to park one car in there. I'll give you a hint which car it will be: not the truck.

The profile view. It struck me how high we're going to feel. Pretty steep drop. I will try not to fall off of the deck when I'm shooing squirrels away.

This is what they call, in the business, the "stairs-hole." You can also see the chimney thing jutting out there.

Here's the basement, where the child and I will watch television together. 2 hours per day, maximum. Educational or football.
We're going to try to get over there for more pictures every day this week, so stay tuned..
-The Breens

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A 10 lb Stroller!

We successfully registered this weekend. And thanks to my amazing sister-in-law, we found a 10 lb stroller! I AM SO EXCITED!!!! For those who might not be up on the latest weights of strollers, the typical system of stroller where the infant carrier snaps on is somewhere between 25 and 30 lbs. This, of course, posed a bit of an issue with me and my compromised back.

While wondering around the store, Krista (who was advising Andrew and I on what we really needed on the registry) found the perfect stroller. Unfortunately, it's a bit on the expensive side--since the infant carrier and the stroller come separately. But it is going to be so worth it...every time I think of putting that thing in and out of the trunk.

The other things on the registry are pretty awesome, too. Check out our registries at Target and Babies R Us. Our nursery design is at Target. It's pretty darn cute if you ask me.

We were given a ton of stuff from Nick and Nara. They gave us Sasha and Eva's crib, changing table, bouncy seat, doorframe swing, and more! They were SO generous. We're thrilled.

Even though the house is far from finished, the nursery is coming together slowly and surely. How fun!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Baby Breen is moving around like crazy!

I just had to share with you that this morning, Baby Breen is totally doing some sort of get-my-groove-on-to-get-momma-through-the-work-day dance. I'm sitting here at my desk trying to write and keep bursting out laughing at this little one. I can't imagine what's so fun about being in there...but someone's have a big ol' time! :) What a blessing. I love it!!!