Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vacation Pictures!

We had such an amazing vacation! We relaxed and rested in Texas and then headed up to Wisconsin for a huge family reunion. My mom's mother was the oldest of 15 children. This is the house that her parents built and where all the kids were born and raised. It is still in the family and an amazing experience to walk around and hear stories about my grandmother and all of her siblings growing up. Awesome!

Believe it or not, but here is my brother Greg and my dear Andrew skeet shooting. They did awesome! These city boys really impressed those Wisconsin natives.

While the skeet shooting was going on, the girls wondered into a field of wild flowers. These pictures are amazing and were totally NOT staged.

Here's sweet baby Gwen hanging out after dinner one night. You can tell from her jacket that it got pretty cool there in the evenings!

This might be my favorite picture! My mom bought these really beautiful July 4th dresses for the girls. We had to get a shot of them all together. This swing was right across from our cabins and sat right in front of the little lake on the campground. The girls practiced their rock skipping on the water...but never quite got the hang of it. We'll have to do some more camping in the future!

We love, love, loved our time in Texas! It was so nice to just relax and rest before heading up to all of the action in Wisconsin.

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