Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pictures are coming...

We have so many pictures to take and post. This morning was the big anatomy ultrasound and the baby looks great. Our self control passed its greatest test: we didn't give in and find out if we're having a girl or a boy. It was DEFINITELY tempting, however.

It was as amazing as ever to see the baby on the ultrasound screen. For the first time, it was easy to see the baby actually move around like a baby: sucking on his (or her!) fingers, kicking his legs over and over, pulling his feet up by his head and playing with his toes. It was SO cool! He even brushed his mouth with his hands at one point and opened his mouth way up. He was a little uncoordinated and couldn't quite get his fingers into his mouth at will. But he definitely sucked on them when they got in there!

I'm feeling the baby move quite regularly now. I thought I'd felt him for the last couple of weeks every now and again. And I was right. But I couldn't really confirm that until now. He (or she!) moves so much. Even now, he's wiggling around. I think he wants to send a shout-out to Texas! :)

He or she is a big baby. She's measuring about 22 weeks and 1 day--a full week from where I am (21 weeks and 1 day). The doctor wasn't troubled by that at all. Sometimes the baby grows in spurts and might be a little closer to what I'm counting next time. But even if the baby stays a week ahead, it's no big deal.

We have images from the ultrasound to post. AND we need to take pictures of the house...or the very beginning stages of the house...and post them. They've dug out the basement and poured the concrete walls for the garage and basement. We can really start to see the footprint of the house. It's so exciting!

We are so blessed! Love to you all.

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