Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Doctor's Appointment & House Update

Oh, I forgot to mention that yesterday we had our monthly doctor's appointment. It was fun! The baby was particularly squirmy and the doctor had to chase him or her around my tummy with the Doppler. She'd get the heartbeat and then the baby would squirm away. It was funny! Finally, she managed to get the baby still and we heard that ever-beautiful heartbeat. It was strong and loud! Yay!

The doctor is going to set us up with an anesthesiologist soon. Because of my back surgery, we have to work with them to determine if my scar will inhibit an epidural. Yikes! We'll be in touch with them in the next couple of weeks. They'll probably ask to see my films and then make a decision about whether or not they actually need to see me. Cross your fingers and say a prayer that I'll still be eligable for an epidural. Otherwise, Krista is going to have a LOT to teach me (she went all-natural with all 3 of the girls!).

We schedule our big ultrasound for July 30 at 8:15am. I still think we aren't going to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl. But the doctors will swing down there and take a look. They're confident that they'll be able to do that without us knowing...which is probably true. We could stare at that screen for hours and not necessarily know what we're seeing. And if we ultimately want to know, we can ask the doctor at any point after the ultrasound before delivery. All in all, our plans are to hold out until our precious miracle is born. We'll see how we do.

Oh and a quick house update: they haven't broken ground yet. Our builder, Chris is still waiting on the building permit. But he will have the survey team out this week to mark the lot. Andrew and I went over to the model to select a few things for the house this past Sunday. We picked the hard wood floor type, the kitchen cabinets, the kitchen countertops, the sink & light fixture hardware and the door handles. We've got to select the carpet, the outside colors, the master bath tile, etc. But we're getting close! We can't wait for them to break ground so we can post some pictures!!

Love you all!!

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