Sunday, June 14, 2009

Still getting sick

I'm praying this is the last time I'll have to bring this up and that the nausea goes away very soon. It certainly hasn't been as bad as it could be--some poor girls throw up all the time. Thankfully I've only actually gotten sick a handful of times. So I do realize it's all realtive. Nonetheless, I'm still feeling quite a bit of nausea. It tends to show up in the late afternoon and evening.

Yesterday, we had a wonderful day visiting friends in Maryland. Chris and Rose Ambrose hosted us, the Stricklands and the Cogswell. They have such a lovely home and beautiful children. We visited outside while all the children played on the amazing jungle gym and ran, ran, ran all over the yard (the children, that is, not us!).

We decided it was best to go up and come back in the same day. Our Sundays at home are so precious! Inevitably though, it was a late night and by the time we got home I was not feeling well at all.

Last night was a bit rough; but this morning is beautiful and I'm feeling great! Cereal, as usual, has been one of my favorite foods this pregnancy...which makes mornings my favorite time. (As I recently posted on my facebook account: I'm not a fan of the knucklehead who coined the phrase "morning sickness." It's the exact opposite for me!)

We're looking forward to a relaxing morning this morning. This afternoon, we're going house hunting again--visiting one house and talking to a builder of another. It will be nice to finally make a decision about that...and begin dreaming about a nursery. Fun! Fun! Then it's church tonight. Sundays are great days!

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